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We have three products:

  1. NEC4WIN VM The Virtual Memory version

  2. NEC4WIN95 32 bits version for Win95 to NT

  3. NEC4WIN the 16 bits version for Win 3.1 only has been phased out.



Minor upgrades are FREE. Major upgrades are subject to a fee.

You recognize the type of upgrade at first digit of version number. If the first number has changed, this is a Major upgrade, if unchanged it is a minor upgrade. When the third section of the version is changed, this is a different build number generally and it means that some small bugs was corrected. When an important bug  Example:

  • A change from v2.xx to v3.0 is a Major upgrade.

  • A change from v3.1.xx to v3.2.0 is a minor upgrade

  • A change from v3.1.10 to v3.1.20 is a technical update or new build.

When in doubt Email us before ordering via KAGI.

NEC4WIN95 to NEC4WIN95VM upgrade  

Two possibilities:

  1. An electronic upgrade (you download zipped files) [$30]

  2. An upgrade on CD ROM (you get the upgrade on a CD) [$40]

Note: Since January 2004 we stopped shipping NEC4WIN95 on diskettes and ship only on CDROM.