ORION Microsystems

  iQuakeMini and iQuakeLite
won't be upgraded to new IOS
and iQuakeMini has be
removed from the store!

June 30, 2020

We are very sad to announce that it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to meet the new Apple Guidelines to support IOS13.

To meet the new Apple Store requirements would imply a complete rewrite of the application from scratch and we do not have the resources, money and energy to do that.

We will leave the Free version on the store hoping it won't crash with the new IOS. Normally when a new IOS is released apps that used functions dropped by Apple will crash on startup without any warning or message.

If this happens means Apple dropped in the new IOS important functions they previously supported. It is not really a bug in our application, it is Apple changing the rules and modifying its API with no backward compatibility. This is why at each IOS update we are forced to recode and upload a new version. This is why you see hundreds of Apps updated at each IOS release.

We are sorry but we have no other choice.

2020 ORION Microsystems