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Antenna Simulation software
for Windows NT™, 2000™, XP™, VISTA™


NEC4WIN VM is used by professionals and advanced amateurs. It allows simulation of large models with a very large number of segments, pulses and wires by using virtual memory.

Features 2D and 3D Graphics of antenna and field, 3D Near Field, Smith Chart, etc...  More info on VM

NEC4WIN VM runs on NT/2000, XP and Vista.


Users comments 

Nice program - we've designed up a wide-band VHF antenna for lightning detection that works as advertised by the code.

"You provide an excellent piece of software, which is extremely helpfull and a good value for money.... Thanks a lot for the excellent work and the superfast support...
Norbert S. , Engineer 
Deutsche Welle

I love this program. It's great. The most useful antenna learning resource that I have ever had.
Sam K.

Thank you for your excellent software. We have learned a lot about our 191 degree tower and a lot more about our short 40 degree antenna.
Watt H.

Fabulous program! It has really helped me to understand what to expect from a portable operation I am going on in October.
Dennis S.

Thanks for the wonderful & fast service!

I'm enjoying your NEC4WIN95 program. I'd recommend it to anyone. It is one of the best I have come across. Thanks again for your kind and prompt assistance.
S.H. South Africa



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Review by SKey LB. Cebik, W4RNL

"Under the limits" by W4RNL on Antennex explains Mininec limitations.

  Niels Schiffhauer, DK8OK reviewed NEC4WIN in August 1998 issue.

Compact and short antennas by  Graham W. Stratford VE3FHM

Parabolic Dish ring feed
  designed and build by DL4MEA for 23cm and 13cm
Computer Assisted Low Profile Antenna Modeling by Dr. Charles F. Milazzo, KP4MD
Antenna Simulations by G4EZT
PolarPlot plots diagrams of rotatable antennas by G4HFQ 

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